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Thursday 18 April - Date set for Virology album launch!

Live Virology Album launch on Wed 12 June at Fiddlers Elbow, Camden London, 7.30 - 11pm

Sunday 30 March - radio play

Virology featured as album of the week on Hard Rock Hell Radio

Symphony of Pain on Steve Pilkington's show, Firebrand Radio

 Friday 29 March - Virology download launch & Futile video out

Virology is now downloadable from all major sites including Amazon, YouTube, Deezer, Google Play, iTunes and Spotify. To order a copy of the CD, please go to our Shop page. Our new video Futile is now out on Powerplay Rock and Metal magazine's Facebook page - to go straight to it, click here

'Futile' by Symphony Of Pain

Here in all its glory is the video for 'Futile' by Symphony Of Pain! Read our interview with the band in the April issue of Powerplay on sale tomorrow ? #symphonyofpain #premier #musicvideo #rockmusic #metalmusic #powerplaymagazine

Posted by Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine on Thursday, March 28, 2019

Thursday 28 March - Futile video

The trailer of our new video Futile is now out on Powerplay Rock and Metal magazine's Facebook page exclusively until 5am on Fri 29 March. To view click here

Wednesday 19th December Futile filming

Filming of the first video single from Virology will start in late January at the Southbank. The track FUTILE has been chosen because of its potent political content spanning the last 50 years from the assaination of JFK through to 9/11. It takes a stark look at a modern world governed by thinly veiled hypocrisy lies and deceit by the world's governments and powers. 

Tuesday 11th December Virology Download Date 

The second album by Symphony of Pain titled Virology is due for download release 29th March 2019. This date was irresistible due to it being the date for the highly controversial Brexit deal to take effect. Virology itself has several songs that highlight the shortcomings of governments across the world that seek to oppress, suppress, confuse and manipulate the populace as they mismanage our world and lives for their own means. Details of where and how to download this incredible new album will be released in the coming year.

Monday 19th November Video Clip on You Tube Geen Eyes from Virology

Friday 9th November Virology goes Viral today

Virology Limited edition CD with song booklet  available for members of the fan club Symphomaniacs here only

Sunday 4th November 2018 New Album Release

'Virology' the 2nd album from Symphony of Pain, is due for release as a download in March 2019. The album contains 10 tracks and is a dramatic rollercoaster of songs from the opening track titled My Laboratory which bursts into life with thunder, arcing electricity and clanking machinery. The song celebrates the 200th anniversary of the first publishing of Frankenstein as man endeavours to create life from death. Track 2 Darkling takes place aboard a galleon and you will feel as though you are actually aboard the vessel as the opening sequence unfolds on the high seas. Other tracks take a more political stance such as Virus, Futile and War Machine which depict the insanity of the human race as it seeks to destroy itself while political parties around the globe spread fear and mistrust, pain and misery fuelling the hatred as they seek to keep control, money and power. There is also some naughty fun to be found in the 5th track Green Eyes as a ménage à trois takes place involving a mysterious and beautiful green eyed girl and a chance meeting on a dark winter's night. Virology features some incredibly gifted guest musicians in Johanne James (Drums) from Threshold and Kyrbgrinder, Jiaxin Lloyd Webber (Cello) and Latana Phoung (Mezzo-Soprano) alongside the outstanding talents of the Band in Tracie Law, Pam Chowhan, Mark Bloxsidge and Jonas Costa. Virology is a formidable and in every way better follow up to Hydeology, which received so many favourable reviews from the press.  A limited edition CD with foreboding artwork and a 12-page lyric booklet will be available from this site only for Symphomaniacs.

Tuesday 3rd October 2017 Halloween gig announced

Symphony of Pain are on a 4 band bill including Vampiroc on Saturday 28th October at The Unicorn Brecknock Road, Camden. Free Entry, 8pm. The Line up will be Tracie Law Vocals. Pam Chowhan Keys and Violin. Jonas Costa Guitar. Mark Bloxsidge Bass and Johanne James of Threshold Drums.

Sun 4 Dec 2016 Classically trained  guitarist Jonas joins Symphony

Jonas has experience in Classical, Metal, Blues style and had considerable success with Portuguese Folk Group Citania. He brings a wealth of experience with the perfect blend of classical training and metal guitar playing. He will be recording the guitar tracks for the forthcoming album Virology.

Wed 16 Nov 2016 Jiaxin Lloyd Webber records cello for new album

We are delighted to have secured the services of Jiaxin Lloyd Webber on one of the new songs Suspicion off the forthcoming album Virology. Jiaxin recorded a beautiful haunting cello line for this track which is one of Symphony of Pain's most moody and darkest ballads ever written by Tracie Law and Pam Chowhan

Mon 17 Oct 2016 Radio Airplay in America

Symphony of Pain are receiving regular airplay stateside on the following shows from Mark Yandle, Emidio Vaz and Guy Tolve. The support of these amazing DJ's from the USA is absolutely unprecedented and outstanding. To tune into any of their shows just click on the link below. Mark hosts Pyschedelic Sunday, Emidio hosts Emidio's Rock Den and Guy hosts The AOTR artists on the rise show. 

Mon 17th Oct 2016

Tracie Law has completed vocals for the 2nd album titled Virology with the assistance of Neil Woolley and Pam Chowhan. The trio are now producing the vocals at Symphony of Pain's own Twilight Studios during the next few weeks. There are 10 songs on Virology with the following song titles 1 My Laboratory 2 Darkling 3 Virus 4 Down 5 Green Eyes 6 Ghost Moon 7 Suspicion 8 I Cant Believe 9 Futile 10 War Machine 

Mon 22 Aug 2016 Drummer Recording

Johanne James of Threshold and Kyrbgrinder is currently working on the tracks for the new album Virology with a view to recording this summer. The band have worked with Johanne on several gigs such as the very succesful Cambridge Rock Festival 2014 performance and are delighted to have such a talented drummer for their latest album.

Mon 22 Aug 2016 Vocal Recording

Symphony of Pain Vocalist Tracie Law is currently in the studio recording vocals for the new Album Virology with sound engineer Neil Woolley. Neil is the band's live engineer and has worked for many years as a live engineer for companies including Richard Nowell Sound Services (Southbank Centre) and The Barbican Concert Hall where he is currently on the senior technical staff.

Sun 21 Feb 2016 GIG in Peterborough

Symphony of Pain have been confirmed as support to Morpheus Rising at The Met Lounge in Peterborough on the 12th March 2016. 

Address: 59B Bridge St, Peterborough PE1 1HA

Mon 18 Jan 2016 New Album taking shape

Symphony of Pain are working hard on the follow up album to Hydeology. The songwriting partnership of Tracie Law and Pam Chowhan have written 9 songs. The duo are delighted with every single track and are confident that each one is a strong as each other and pushes on from Hydeology with an increase in that unique Symphony of Pain sound and style. There are more electronics and samples this time with strong emphasis on melody rhythm and power. The songs are now being arranged by Tracie and Pam and the next step  is to enlist the help of Mark Bloxsidge (Bass) and Nick Harrison (guitars) to add their formidable talent and sound 

Sun 22 Mar 2015 Worldwide Premiere of Hydeology 

Symphony of Pain's debut album Hydeology was premiered in the USA by Mark Yandle on his Pyschedelic Sunday radio show. The show was a hit as Mark played the entire album to 1000's of listeners in the USA and throughout the world.  Listening figures were the highest ever, according to Mark and the team at CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to tune into DRR

Mon 12 Jan 2015 - Symphony reviewed in CRS Mag

Tue 6 Jan 2015 - Symphony back in the studio

Symphony of Pain duo Tracie Law and Pam Chowhan are back in the studio writing and arranging songs for their second album. The debut release 'Hydeology' received great critical acclaim in the rock press and led to a very succesful 2014 which saw the band back on the live circuit for some very notable performances at The Cambridge Rock Festival and The Borderline supporting Touchstone as well as a Halloween special which the band themselves put on in London.

The band would like to say a big thank you to Johanne James (Threshold, Kyrbgrinder) and Steve Burton (Aeon Zen) for their exceptional talents on the Drums in 2014. Special thanks goes to Neil Woolley (sound) and Michael Lee Wolley  (AV) for their unconditional support and skills. A special thank you must also go to Angie Alderman for her cameo appearance as The Naughty Nurse and Tracie's Bride at The Cambridge Rock Festival.


Fri 12 Dec -  Symphony support Touchstone at The Borderline

Symphony of Pain have been invited as special guests of Touchstone at The Borderline London on Friday 12th December 2014. Click link below for details. 

Fri 31 Oct - Symphony of Pain to release live performance of 'For Now I'm Dead' on YouTube

The band are set to release a video of the live version of 'For Now I'm Dead' from their Cambridge Rock Festival set. The track is a brand new arrangement of the song specially for live performance. Click here at sunset today (31/10/14) to see this vibrant performance.

Fri 31 Oct -  Symphony Hallowe'en gig

Symphony of Pain are playing The Sinbin@ The Plough and Harrow in Leytonstone on Friday 13th October 2014 in a Hallowe'en special also featuring One Night Stand and Dead At Eleven. Click link below for details.

Fri 8 Aug -  Symphony Cambridge Rock Festival


Time to reflect on a very successful gig at Cambridge Rock Festival. We had a simply awesome day and met some fantastic new friends in Sally Newhouse, DrWart Hoover, Tony Corner and all the guys at
Plus many many more. Feel free to chastise me if I've missed you out -  I met so many people and so briefly too.

We would like to thank the following people for being there for us in many different guises: Drums Johanne James, Actress Angie Alderman, Sound Neil Woolley, AV Michael Lee Woolley, Drivers Stephen Humphrey and Lona Lee. Crewman Michael Jack Wylie. The London Ladies, Hannah Wye, Colette Chilton, Jo Welfare. Also Lynn Boraster, Pete Lockett, Jaina Bloxsidge

A really special thanks must go to Ralph Rea and Jill Lerner. You guys got us on the bill and we are so very grateful. Thanks goes to, James Soars Media Services and Mike Exley of MEPR.

We also mustn't forget all the crew guys on PA, lighting, backstage at CRF, who I know from my own experience, work very hard getting all the bands up onstage and keep the festival running smoothly. Our hats off to you all. Best wishes from Tracie Law, Pam Chowhan, Mark Bloxsidge and Nectarios Harrison.

Symphony of Pain are playing the Cambridge Rock Festival on Friday 8th August on the Classic Rock Society Stage. Joining Tracie Law and Pam Chowhan will be 3 outstanding musicians in Mark Bloxsidge (ex Trilogy) Bass. Johanne James (Kyrbgrinder, Threshold) Drums. Nick 'The High Priest' Harrison Guitar. With a guest appearance from Angie Alderman (The Bride) from the bands videos. This will be an unmissable performance.

Symphony of Pain are featured on the covermount CD of Issue 200 of the Classic Rock Society Magazine. The CD titled New Species is the 13th CD in the series and comes free with the Magazine. The included track Darker Side is taken from the debut Album Hydeology

Symphony of Pain debut Album Hydeology is now available as a download and physical CD from, Amazon, Itunes, and many online dealers worldwide.



Artwork: Tracie Law

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